Reyes Mora Youth Centers International Welcomes Greg Collymore to Board of Directors Pending Non-Profit Approval

Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic – Reyes Mora Youth Centers International is excited to announce that Greg Collymore will be added as a board of directors member pending the approval of our non-profit status. Upon receiving our approval, we will file an amendment stating that Collymore is a board member.

Collymore has already shown dedication and support for our cause, and we look forward to working with him to further our mission of empowering youth in the Dominican Republic.

“We are thrilled to have Greg Collymore join our team as a board member,” said Reyes Mora Youth Centers International Founder, Arlett Mora. “His experience and passion for helping young people will be invaluable as we continue to grow and expand our programs.”

Reyes Mora Youth Centers International is committed to providing education, resources, and support to the youth in Santo Domingo Este, and Collymore’s addition to the board will help further that mission.

For more information on Reyes Mora Youth Centers International and our programs, please visit our website at



Name: Michael Reyes

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 809 852 8901

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